I also have a PDP-8/E system
It is currently out of order. But it should work again, soon. Perhaps I will take a few pictures, too.

Here is what I currently have:

  • PDP-8/e CPU without EAE (repaired)
  • PDP-8/a expansion box (used with the LAB-8/e now)
  • No core memory. Instead 32kw hex wide (uh!) semiconductor memory
  • RK05 (yet untested) with RK8-E (currently broken) controller
  • TU-56 with TD8-E controller (both untested)
  • Big rack (with a fuse in the original bezel)
  • Printer interface

Perhaps this system will be completely dismantled. The CPU would go on a shelf and the peripherals into my LAB-8/e.