The Gallery

New Hardware

Prototype for a high speed USB based KL8E replacement   Dealing with lots of disks and DECtapes containing old data that one might want to preserve can be quite time consuming when dumping them over a serial line. The Omnibus-USB board approaches the problem by providing a very high speed path between a PC and any PDP8 with an Omnibus.


Running a naked RK05F disk drive   The RK05 is a removable disk drive from the first half of the 70s. It has a cpacity of roughly 2.5MB. The shown unit is an RK05f for fixed where the cartridgte is mounted in the drive. The RK05f doesn't need head alignment and pack interchangeability and therefore it was possible to double the data density of the drive making it logically behave like to distinct RK05 drives.

I could not resist to run the drive with a naked platter showing it all...!

Kiel project

Unknown stuff   Please help me to identify the items in that gallery! Most of the stuff is endangered to be scrapped if it stays unknown! Thank you!
Endangered Stuff   Attention!

The items mentioned in this gallery are endangered to go to scrap!
If you are interested in one or more of them, tell me!

Update 2013: This gallery is old!
Some of the stuff could be saved, most has been scrapped and is gone forever. I really did what I can. And I can do a lot.


Haul 1   Pictures of a very cold day when we did of the first part of the PDP-8/L haul. Here you can clearly see how stuff looks after approx. 20 years in a humid garage.
Haul 2   The rest. These pictures were taken the day we dismantled the second rack of the "Olympia Multiplex-80" system.
Mixed images   Some mixed images of the stuff.
Closeups   And here some more mixed images, including some quite dramatic closeup images.


First impressions   My "new" LAB-8/E system.
The system is still sitting in the place where it lived the last two decades.
The older man is the former user, Dr. Suess. The younger guy is me.

These pictures were taken by Prof. Kirchhoff from the CCG.
Before pickup   Another set of images, taken the day we picked up the system.

These pictures were taken by Prof. Kirchhoff from the CCG.
PC04 Paper tape reader/punch   Documenting the resurrection of my newly-acquired Digital PC04 paper tape reader/punch.

General stuff

misc   No description.

Not directly related stuff

My PDP11/23+   It's not a PDP-8 - but it's DEC. And I don't have another category for it yet. So it's here.
Some Röntgen tubes   Don't ask me why they're here :-)